Beacon Bag

We are proud to introduce our newest advancement, the Firetech Beacon. Our Beacon technology can be integrated into any Firetech or Medtech bag.

Firetech is pleased to partner with BeWhere, an Industrial Internet of Things solution company, to bring you the only Bluetooth beacon-enabled bags on the market. BeWhere technology provides real-time and historic data about location and temperature of your bag and its contents.

Our beacon technology provides valuable information that not only assists with asset management but will improve overall performance by keeping your staff, patients, and bag contents monitored for critical parameters.  Monitor the location, temperature, and amount of light exposure of your bag contents all via your Smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • Location: Know the location of all our bags at any given moment. Has it been left at the incident site? Is the bag moving? Log on and find out immediately.
  • Temperature: Set your own safe range, you will be immediately made aware if the contents of your bags become too hot or cold. Help keep the contents of your bags safe and effective.
  • Exposure to Light: Helps track when the bag or pouch has been opened, if contents have been used or tampered with, and if any sensitive drugs have been exposed to light.

You will be thrilled with the quality and technological advancements Firetech Beacon Bags offer; all for a much less cost than you would expect. Contact us directly for more information.

Your bag… Made better… Made for life.