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Narcan® Spray Pouch

Part #: P6847
Dimensions: 3” X 1.5” X 4”

Opiate overdoses are on the rise. To meet the demand from law enforcement agencies to both protect their members from inadvertent exposure and provide the capability to aid their constituents, Firetech has developed a new style of pouch designed to carry, organize, and protect essential items required to address this crisis.

Constructed of 1000D Cordura and RipStop nylon, it has a gusseted front pouch that easily holds two pairs of XL nitrile gloves. The Inner Pouch is easily identifiable by a red tab, is removable, and is designed to hold one or two Narcan® Spray blister packs. Naloxone can be transferred from storage and between individuals with out having to remove the entire pouch from belt, webbing, or molle.

A wide variety of attachment options are available from a straight web loop, molle snaps, or a dual-purpose hook/loop closure as picture here that allows the pouch to worn in two different orientations on a utility belt.




Optional Feature:
We can install a bluetooth wireless beacon into your pouch that can monitor both location and temperature. You set whatever safe temperature range you want and the pouch will alert you if the contents become too hot or too cold.